Hydroelectric Power

James W. Broderick Hydroelectric Power Facility

Pueblo, Colorado

The Southeastern District is constructing a hydroelectric generation plant at Pueblo Dam. Operations are expected to begin in the spring of 2019, and will provide the District’s Enterprise Activity with a new revenue stream when it is completed. The plant is the first hydroelectric feature added to the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project since the completion of the Mount Elbert pump-back hydroelectric plant at Twin Lakes.in 1981.

Project History 

Hydroelectric power is generated by falling water flowing  through turbines. No water is consumed during the generation of electricity. The district will connect to a pipeline build for the SouthernHydro News release Delivery System at the North Outlet. That pipeline, like Pueblo Dam, is owned by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Reclamation granted the District a Lease of Power Privilege in 2017, following a planning and permit process that began in 2011. Colorado Springs Utilities and the Pueblo Board of Water Works were originally partners, but the project is being solely undertaken by the District.

Project Description 

The proposed 7.5 megawatt (MW) facility will be able to generate electricity at flows ranging from 35-810 cubic feet per second. A powerhouse will use the Dam’s authorized released to the Arkansas River to generate an annual average 28 million kilowatt hours (kWh) and approximately $1,500,000 in average revenue per year. The project’s total capital cost is estimated to be $19.5 million, which includes a $17.2 million loan from the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Revenues from the hydro plant will repay the District’s Enterprise Activity and the CWCB.

Project Use

The City of Fountain and by Colorado Springs Utilities (for use at Fort Carson) will purchase the power generated. After 10 years, Fountain will purchase all of the power generated by the plant for the following 20 years. These utilities are looking for ways to broaden their energy portfolios to include clean, renewable energy.

Project Update

Project Update (November 30, 2018) - The project is nearing completion, and testing for the Hydro Plant will begin early 2019. Full Operation of the Hydro Plant is expected to begin later in the Spring, when the Arkansas River flows are expected to increase.  



  • Preliminary LoPP Granted: February 2012

  • Feasibility Study Updated: March 2014

  • Preliminary Design Complete: July 2014

  • Execution of Final LoPP: April 2017

  • Final Design Complete: June 2016

  • Construction Contract Award: August 2017

  • Current Schedule
  • Construction Complete: December 2018

  • Commissioning: Early 2019 

Inside Hydro Little generator
Lowering scroll case Transformer going into place


For More Information Contact: 

Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District
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Phone: 719-948-2400
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