Long-Term Excess Capacity Master Contract

Water storage is an important resource of the Project and for water users statewide. The critical task at hand for the Long-Term Excess Capacity Master Contract (Master Contract) is strategically planning for the future needs of municipal storage in southeastern Colorado. Excess capacity storage allows participants to store non-Fry-Ark Project water in the Pueblo Reservoir. The Master Contract historically developed from the Preferred Storage Options Plan (PSOP). The PSOP process for the District began in December of 1998 with a “Future Water and Storage Needs Assessment” by GEI Consultants, Incorporated. The Master Contract participants are comprised of an original group who has participated for a number of years. Their contribution to the project has provided the District funding for lobbying, engineering, studies, and other administrative charges.

November 2010, Reclamation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the District, to begin the National Environmental Protection Act Environmental Impact Statement (NEPA EIS) process for the Master Contract. The work covered in the NEPA EIS includes:

  • Purpose and Need
  • Alternative Actions
  • Affected Environment
  • Environmental Consequences
  • Consultation and Cooperation

The NEPA EIS study is scheduled to conclude mid-year 2013. Some future considerations for participants for excess capacity storage include:

  • Findings of the NEPA EIS
  • Market-based rate studies being conducted by Reclamation for long-term storage contracts.


List of Long-term Excess Capacity Participants

  • 96 Pipeline Company
  • Beehive Water Association
  • Bents Fort Water Company,
  • Cities of Canon City, Florence, Fountain, La Junta, Las Animas, Rocky Ford, and Salida
  • Security Water and Sanitation District
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Crowley County Water Association
  • Fayette Water Association
  • Hill Top Water Company
  • Holbrook Center Soft Water Association
  • Homestead Improvement Association
  • Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District
  • May Valley Water Association
  • Newdale-Grand Valley Water Company
  • Patterson Valley Water Company
  • Penrose Water District Water Activity Enterprise
  • Pueblo West Metropolitan District
  • South Swink Water Company
  • Southside Water Association
  • St. Charles Mesa Water District
  • Stratmoor Hills Water District
  • Towns of Eads, Manzanola, Olney Springs, Ordway, and Poncha Springs
  • Upper Arkansas Water Conservancy District
  • Valley Water Company
  • Vroman Water Company
  • West Grand Valley Water Inc.
  • Widefield Water and Sanitation District.


Click Here for the Final Enviormental Impact Statement

For more information: United State Bureau of Reclamation